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I'm a trailblazer

I am an extremely goal-oriented person, with my entire life being spent focusing on “what’s next”. Having spent half of my life out of my home country gives me the ability to tackle cultural barriers and gel with people from various countries and ethnic backgrounds. My personal life quote that describes me best.

“sailors tell stories, but pirates make legends”



I'm an idea man! I was lucky enough to be part of some of the greatest startups in Asia and know what it is to explore great business ideas.


Change happens for a reason. I generate strategies driven by consumer insights and amplified through shifting technology.


Since a young age, I breath bits and bites. In the modern workplace, digital skills are highly valued; in the future, digital skills will be vital.


I create originality and difference. People are more likely to engage and pay for what they haven’t experienced yet and can never see elsewhere.

More Deeper Insights...

The way I investigate things and how I make decissions is pragmatic. I have a hands-on and action oriented approach of problems. I'm performance driven and persevering when it comes to executing tasks and projects.

I'm usually actively involved when it comes to collaboration and have a business-like managing style. I always focus on the team and I'm very communicative and self-assured.

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Performance Driven





My Experiences



Being a founder of Kingaru Sleep keeps me pretty busy. Kingaru is a tech-startup selling a luxury mattress exclusively online in Asia and Europe for an affordable price. A compressed mattress in a box shipped to litterally every corner.

2016 - 2017


Refreshing my mind and on a constant outlook for new opportunities. Meanwhile I'm running a leadingRetail News portal which generates over 13,6 million monthly visitors. I fill out my days with diving, sailing and surfing with the ones I love close to me. My days usually start early.

2010 - 2016

Bangkok, Phnom Phen, Manila

Spend nearly 6 years in Tech and Telecom. I was part of some of the most imaginary Startups in Asia in their early days and delivered many projects on time and budget. I've met a lot of creative and talented people and traveled across SE Asia to close deals with telcos.

2005 - 2010

At Sea

Was out on virtually all seas and oceans surrounding Europe & the Caraïb being a captain for 5 years. Doing Yacht Deliveries for yacht owners who wanted to relocate their yachts from A to B. During this beautiful time I also became Belgian Champion with our team in IRC1 sailing.

August 24th, 1981 - 2005

Bonheiden, Kemzeke, Antwerp

From growing up in a warm family and studying economics and IT. Both gave me the broad knowledge I have today to operate on a global scale and to be part of international ventures. My degrees of MCSE, Yacht Master Offshore, Life Saver and CMAS Dive Instructor gave me additional abilities I still use every day.

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